'These fingers read sideways' 
Alexa Hare 
Ben Sanderson 
Lorna Macintyre
Hannah Hughes 

MONOMATIC at Fettes College, Edinburgh.
9th March until 23rd March 
Preview Thursday 8th March 5-7pm.

MONOMATIC is pleased to present ‘These fingers read sideways’ a group show exploring method, material and photography. In each of these artists’ practices there is an enjoyment of reflection, repetition and diffraction. Their production methods are present for all to see and yet this work plays tricks on us. Theirs is a world which is inviting, enticing, seductive and encouraging. These artists’ persuade the viewer to look through the blinkers in which they themselves inhabit when working. They ask of us to look closely, deeply and keep looking until our eyes hurt. They want us to see something that will immerge only when enticed by the unblinking eye of a quiet watcher.
‘These fingers read sideways’ started as an exploration into an Atget photograph of a simple doorway- How is space depicted? What space is depicted? How can one inhabit that space? ‘These fingers read sideways’ presents a way of exploring the inner spaces created in artworks and the method which artists employ to produce this space. 

Open Wednesday to Saturday by appointment only. 
Short notice welcome. 
T: 07739691551
E: info@mono-matic.com

Image: Hannah Hughes, 'Untitled 34 Flatland', 9.5 x 8.5cm, Mixed Media Collage, 2017.